Venue: Northover hall, Harbour Road, Dalkey.

Time:Sunday: 7pm

Age group: 15yrs-17yrs.



All about us:

We meet on every other Sunday at 8pm, this is liable to change depending on  what suits people!

We have one main leader for the Venture Scout section but numerous leaders willing to help out and to make sure activities go ahead.  The amount of effort or work required is based on how much the Ventures want to do – if they want to do something then it’s up to them to organise it! One of our main aims is to promote the Venture Scouts thinking for themselves, the leaders are there to help inspire and encourage them.

Venture Scouts is a chance to get involved in something exciting. There’s a huge emphasis on independent thinking and a chance to organise activities you want to do – and then there’s the leaders if you need help in the process!

Venture Scouts range from 15-17 years of age. This section  involves more adventurous activities where the Venture Scouts are responsible for planning and implementing their activities. Camping, hiking, canoeing are all a given but then there’s opportunities to go skiing, paintballing and pretty much anything else you can think of. As a sea-based troop there’s lots of water activities(swimming, sailing and kayaking) and numerous kayaking river trips designed for all levels throughout the year.

The difference between Scouts and Ventures Scout, which cannot be emphasised enough is the fact that the members take full ownership of the programme- they decided when, where and how it’ll be done.

The new One Programme has picked out the key aims of Scouting Ireland which are: SPICES…

Social , Personal,  Intellectual , Character, Emotional, Spiritual- we try to make sure all our activities involve a little bit of everything! With the new adventure skills programme introduced by the One Programme there’s opportunities to acquire skills recognised nationally. It’s also organised into levels so that each Venture Scout can progress at their own speed.

There’s National and County events which enable Venture Scouts to interact with other groups, giving them opportunites to test their skills to the limit while at the same time meeting new and interesting people the same age as them! The Venture Challenge is a hiking expedition specifically aimed at Ventures and we’ve had many Venture Scouts successfully complete it in the past, it takes place every year in Ireland or the UK.

We plan on doing more camps abroad and skiing as well. Camping abroad requires forward thinking and plenty of planning but there’s no reason why we won’t be!

It’s all about the AdVENTURE!!