Venue: Northover hall, Harbour Road, Dalkey.

Time: Wednesday at 7:30pm, during the non-boating season; but for boating season see below.

Age group: 12yrs-15yrs.

Contact Alison Kerruish

The Scout section of the Group caters for boys and girls between the ages of 12 and 15.  Many of the scouts come up through the Beaver and/or Cub sections, but we are also open to new members from outside the group – depending on vacancies.  Once the Scouts reach 15 years they usually move on to the Venture Scout section.

The boating season (summer / autumn) for us starts sometime in May (if the boats are ready), and lasts through to September (when the evenings get too short).  We are a Sea Scout troop – so this is what you joined for!  We aim to provide kayaking and sailing on Tuesday and Friday evenings.  No previous experience is needed, but it certainly helps if the Scout knows how to swim or at least is not afraid of water!  If boating is not your thing, there are plenty of non-sea scout troops to choose from also.

The non-boating season (winter / spring) still has plenty of action.  The scout section meets weekly on Wednesday evenings starting at 19:30hrs. During these meetings the scouts are instructed in the many aspects of scouting, seamanship, and safety – including first aid, resuscitation, and navigation. This is to ensure that our outdoor activities on land and sea are carried out competently and safely.  We also play games and have competitions during these meetings which usually finish at 21:00hrs.

Every scout is also expected to help out with the maintenance of the boats in preparation for the boating season and we often get a helping hand from the parents.

As much as possible we also arrange outdoor activities where the training and theory can be put into practice in an enjoyable and challenging way. Among the many activities provided are: sailing, rowing, kayaking, hiking, camping, hosteling, orienteering and more.  We have even been known to travel overseas to Sea Scout Jamborees!

Water Activities for Summer

Dear Scouts, Ventures, & Parents

The boats have been sanded, painted, and launched – we’re back in action for the summer boating season!  Both the Scout and Venture sections will share the sessions.  As last year, I will send texts on an exceptional basis only, e.g to cancel a session or send a special message.  If you miss a week or two, it’s up to you to keep in touch and find out what’s going on.

Standing Orders for the Summer are as follows:

–         Meet 7:30pm sharp at Bulloch each Tuesday and Friday.  Ashore again by 9pm(ish).

–         Come prepared for any/all of kayaking, sailing, rowing

–         Bring rain gear (even if the sun is shining), & warm clothes to guard against the wind

–         Bring your own PFD (lifejacket!). No correct PFD = no going afloat.

Personal Floatation Device (PFD)

By now you should all have your own PFD. This is probably the most important part of your kit.  It is regulated by the Law, and also by Scouting Ireland regulations.  For sailing / boating outside Bulloch Harbour you must wear a PFD with at least 100N of permanent buoyancy, and a suitable size for your own weight.  (50N is only acceptable for kayaking, not sailing/boating.)


There will be kayaking on most Tuesdays and Fridays. Tuesdays nights will be learning orientated and Fridays will be fun nights (kayak, swim etc). It’s important that you also bring sailing gear in case kayaking doesn’t go ahead. As usual, there will be ICU level 2 training in September for those wishing to progress to winter river kayaking, but those interested should use the summer to gain experience.

NB: Weather:

Weather can change very quickly.  We will judge the weather conditions in advance of and at the start of each session and may have to cancel or change plans at short notice.

We will do our best to give everyone a good time, but cannot promise to be able to please everyone all the time .


Alison Kerruish

Scouts Section Leader