Rover Scouting is your chance to try something different. This Section is quite leader independent, and run by the Rovers themselves.

For 18-21 year olds, Rover Scouts is a network offering exciting opportunities whether you’re into rock-climbing, kayaking or something more obscure. You’ll always find someone to share your interests, and head for a drink afterwards.

It’s more than just a social club though. For many, school is over and real life is about to begin, some are already in the thick of it. College, jobs, money and relationships are all a part of life. This is the time of life when we need to build our experiences, make our mistakes and enjoy life.

Because there can be so much going on in the life of the average Rover the programme has been designed to be flexible. You pick the challenges or activities and you decide when and how you’ll carry them out.

The Rovers programme around these five broad areas.

  • Adventurous…Get the adrenaline going, see how far you can push yourself. Take on an somthing that will really stretch you.
  • Social…Be a social animal, connect with loads of people, from here and abroad. Get to know the culture of people in other communities and countries.
  • Skills…Learn a new skill, or take one you already have to a new level.
  • Environmental…Become aware of how everything you do impacts on the environment. Try doing something to make a positive impact.
  • Service…Work with your community, this can be one of the most interesting experiences you’ll have. Try doing something that will make a lasting difference.

For further information, log onto the Rovers own website