Sept to Christmas 2018 (Scout Section)

25 Sept 2018


Dear Scouts and Parents,

Firstly, we would like to welcome Alison Coffey to the team and are delighted she has accepted the post of section Leader. Ali is a former Scout and an existing leader in the Group so we expect that she will enjoy the challenge of a new very active section to lead!

We’ve had a busy few months over the summer with our water programme as well as a very successful trip to the Nawaka Sea Scout Jamboree in the Netherlands. 21 Scouts, Ventures and Rovers travelled and all had an enjoyable time and a great intercultural experience on the water.

We have mapped out the next few months leading up to our usual Christmas break.

Registration 2018/19 – You will have received details of registration from our Treasurer in the last week. Annual subscription is due and please complete the permission/medical form and return asap if you haven’t already done so.

Boating Season is wrapping at this moment with the Seawolf out of the water. The Kayak training to level 2 has been completed and the last competitions are to follow. The next event on the calendar is the Hamill Cup (Oct 6th) followed by the Scout Liffey Descent, (Oct 14th) to do this you’ll need to have gained the ICU Level 2 skills and paddled on at least one river. The Fry Cup is similar to the Hamill Cup but at a much higher level and is aimed those 15 and over.

Our first Hall Meeting will be Wednesday the 3rd of October. Thereafter we meet each Wednesday, ready for fall in at 7.30, falling out at 9.00. New Scouts will be welcome that night. Watches will be confirmed at our first Hall Meeting.

The Floorball League will kick off in November and we will issue the league table closer to the date. If your patrol is playing after scouts, you will be finished at 9.30.

Badgework will progress over the winter, and we would like to see all scouts progress through the various skills stages. Remember that you yourself need to drive your own progress – Leaders can help but won’t organise and direct like we do with cubs! Each scout should have a skills book as a reference and can progress on your own time too.

We also have our own troop events such as our day hikes, a hostelling weekend, and orienteering. Orienteering is based in a woodland area where you navigate over a short course from base to base. The length and difficulty is based on your skill level and can be run or walked, so an ideal event for all levels!

We also run a winter kayaking program. This sees us starting the season paddling on the Boyne, then progressing to paddling on rivers in Wicklow. Due to the increased skill required, this is only open to those with their level 2 skills. A separate letter will be posted with dates of river trips.

Lastly, we also plan a traditional spot of skiing in Kilternan just before Christmas where no experience is necessary.

Boatwork (Maintenance) will commence in November on Sundays and continue until complete. A schedule will be announced and we expect all scouts to do their part. Times vary but are always on a Sunday, times are driven by the Watch Leaders choice, so if you cannot attend a session, there is likely another time on another day that will suit instead, just inform your Watch Leader of your plans. Always wear old clothes, as it’s very likely you will get paint on them, including your runners!

VENTURES There will be separate Venture meeting (Sunday evening) along with Venture activities and events. Ventures are self-driven and self-organising, so while leaders are there to help and assist, you’ll only get as much out of it as you put in! Parents please note that some of these events are run without Scouter supervision.

FUNDRAISING: The 12 days of Christmas is an important source of funding for the troop – every scout is expected to help as it is a team effort. We meet for one day and pair off to sell raffle tickets locally door to door raising as much funds as possible. Anyone who cannot attend that day are expected to sell them locally before the return deadline. Parents are encouraged to request a booklet to bring to their work place or the likes – maybe prop them up on display by the coffee machine! We need a parent to organise this event, please volunteer

World Jamboree 2019 – Off on the horizon for some scouts will be the world jamboree in West Virginia next summer. We are luckily have 6 scouts in the Irish contingent and we wish them the best of luck with their training and fund raising.

We use a variety of means to communicate with Scouts and Parents:

Detailed correspondence (e.g. letters on camps or the planned programme for months ahead) are sent occasionally by email to the Parent’s email that we have on file.

Messages on short term plans are sent via WhatsApp to the Patrol Leaders who should then forward information to the Scouts in their patrol via WhatsApp.

We have a private group on Facebook which is quite active for parents and scouts.

In particular, we communicate arrangements for the summer water programme/winter kayaking using FB – if a scout does not have a Facebook account, then we suggest that a family or parents account is set up or used to join it.

And finally the best and most active means of communications we use is at the Hall Meetings where we plan and announce details each week. Looking forward to seeing you there.

As always, if you have any question or queries, please feel free to contact myself, your PL or any of the other Scout leaders.

Yours in Scouting,


Padraig, Alison & the Scout Team

Please print this letter, read it and keep it handy. See the final page for a pin up planner!