New Parents

Dear New Parents,

On behalf of the 41st Dublin Scouts, I am taking this opportunity to give you some information on how we operate and encourage you to consider getting involved if you are interested or if you have a particular skill set that might benefit the troop.

This year has been a busy year for our members. We have grown by approx. 7% in membership with a corresponding increase in the number of volunteer leaders in the group. We are currently operating with a membership of 114 Scouts and 30 Leaders.  We have received prizes in the Scout Liffey Descent, Canoe Sprints, Triathlon, Team sailing and the Phoenix challenge. W will be participating in the Junior Liffey Descent this May which is an open competition of a higher standard.

We operate within the guidelines of the One Programme by Scouting Ireland and have Beavers, Cubs, Sea Scouts, Ventures and Rovers sections. More information is available on Scouting Ireland’s website page for parents….Scouting in a Nutshell

As Parents, all suggestions or offers of help are welcomed by the Group Council and you can discuss any new ideas with your child’s Section Leader. Help is always needed for a range of events and other tasks including the maintenance of our boats and fundraising. We have restarted our Parents support Group for help with various projects including fundraising items e.g. bag packs, pub quiz etc. Your expertise can be of help in many ways and any involvement is always appreciated by the group.

If you are interested in joining the leader team please contact me.  Full details are available on our website Being a Scouter and our volunteer leader team would always  appreciate the help!

Registration: Each Youth Member must be registered annually in September. Members are only registered if the “Parental Consent and Medical Questionnaire” has been completed and the Annual Subscription is paid or part paid. Completion of the “Scouting Irelans Activities Consent form” is mandatory in advance of your child partaking in our activities. Other information in relation to SI Privacy Policy and GDPR is available on this website.

Summary Code of Conduct: Scouting Ireland has a set code of conduct, which can be found on  For your information I have summarised it in a few sentences below:

Scouting is enjoyed by a large number of members both in Ireland and around the world.  Scouting is based on the fundamentals of friendship and brotherhood.  Scouting should be enjoyed by all of the members in the group. If any member is found to be disrupting the enjoyment of scouting of any member of our group disciplinary action may be taken. Disruption may include, for example; bullying, unruly behaviour, breaches of safety instructions, malicious damage to personal or group property.

Disciplinary action could range from sweeping the floors to suspension from the group or ultimately expulsion. The leader on duty at the time of the breach of the code of conduct may make the judgement as to the disciplinary action required.  The group council may be called upon as a court of appeal.

New Members: All applications (including siblings) for future membership need apply through our website using the form and giving full details.

Website Permission: Please contact the webmaster for details of the website policy document.

Should your child decide at anytime to quit the Troop, we would be grateful if you could notify the Section Leader in writing as soon as you know. Fees are not refundable.

Should you have any queries or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours in Scouting,


Pádraig Ó hIceadha

Group Leader