50th Anniversary History

3rd Port of Dublin Sea Scouts

The 41st Dublin was not the first Troop to use the designation “3rd Port of Dublin”.  The first such Troop was formed in Ballsbridge in 1914, but closed about 1918/19.

A new Sea Scout Troop was started in Dalkey in 1920, and was registered as 3rd Port of Dublin.  These numbers were issued by the Port of Dublin Sea Scout Association, which was a separate local association, distinct from the Dublin Boy Scouts Association.  There was a short closure in 1924 due to a lack of a headquarters, but it restarted in 1925.  Another short closure in 1939 was again followed by a reopening in early 1940.

When the PoDSSA amalgamated with the DBSA in 1946, all Sea Scout Groups were given an additional Dublin registration, giving rise to the dual Sea Scout numbering system still in evidence today.  The 3rd Port Dalkey Troop was registered as 18th Dublin.  However the Troop closed in 1949.  The 41st Dublin Troop opened in 1956, and was given the additional old Dalkey designation of 3rd Port of Dublin in 1963, to bring it into line with the other Dublin Sea Scout Troops.

In April 1943 a second Sea Scout Troop had been started in Dalkey, and was registered as 5th Port of Dublin (2nd Dalkey).  It closed in 1945.  Of course, 5th Port later became the designation of 12thDublin, which started in Gardiner Street, but later moved to Dollymount where it remains to this day. Go to Page 2 for more

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