Group Camp 2014

MAY 2014 Group Camp at Lough Dan

Dear Cubs & Parents,

This year our troop is planning a Group Camp in Lough Dan. This camp starts on Friday May 2nd and ends on Monday 5th May. As usual, the duration of the camp will vary with age.

  • Beavers will stay in the hostel on Saturday night.
  • Younger cubs will camp on Friday and Saturday night only.
  • Senior cubs can camp for 3 nights.
  • Scouts, Ventures and Rovers will also camp for 3 nights.

We are currently putting the programme together with an aim to have a fun camp and get on the water as often as possible.  Other planned activities are orienteering, games and hikes. We plan to have a Nautical themed Fancy Dress Partyand bonfire on Saturday night, so make sure to pack some dressing up clothes.

Information on the Campsite i.e. directions, can be found at and any other questions should be directed towards your section leader.

This will be a hands-on camp, we will be sleeping in tents and preparing our own food outdoors, so cubs need to be familiar with their own kit and know how to look after themselves before we go.  This is a 2/3 night camp based on experience and age.

HELP: We will also need help from parents setting up camp & decamping. Let us know if you are available.


  • Please, do not pack for your Cubs; they need to be familiar with their kit.
  • Parents will be contacted if we have any concerns about Campers…
  • Parents must organise their own transport to and from camp for their cubs.
  • Please update us with any relevant medical information in writing.

 Yours in Scouting,


Gavin, John, Dara, Catriona, Eoin, Ray & Jackie

Summary of Camp Information  

 May  Camp to Lough Dan 2014

Dates                        Friday 2nd May – Monday 5th May 2014

Meet                         6pm @ LOUGH DAN CAR PARK


  • 12 noon Sunday 4th May from Lough Dan for younger cubs
  • 12 noon Monday 5th May from Lough Dan for Senior Cubs

Fee                           €65 for all Cubs

Transport                 Lifts to be organised by parents.

Address                      Lough Dan Scouting Centre near Roundwood.

Fancy Dress              ‘Nautical’ Themed Fancy Dress outfit. So Pirates, Sailors, Mermaids, etc.  Prizes for the best HOME MADE costume.

 Camp Rules

  1.  Cubs will always show consideration for the other members of our troop and their Leaders.
  2. Cubs will show consideration for members of the public and other members of Scouting Ireland on the campsite.
  3. Please don’t bring cash – there’s nowhere to spend it.
  4. No electronic equipment/ mobile phones. Cubs can use Leaders phones if they need to contact home.
  5.  Please make sure all your property is labelled.
  6.  No Junk Food, sweets, fizzy drinks etc.
  7.  Cubs are not allowed Knives, Penknives, lasers or Flints.
  8.  Parents will be contacted if there are any issues.

 Leader Contact Numbers:

Cub Phone: 086 036 2896;

What to Pack for Cubs

  •    Uniform & Scarf.
  •    Sufficient clothes for 3 days – Layers and extra socks are especially important. Remember it can get chilly in the evenings so make sure to have plenty of warm clothes.
  •    Sleeping bag, ground roll and bivouac bag (bivvy) – wrap the first two in your bivvy  to keep them dry. No airbeds please. N.B. The ground roll isn’t a comfort luxury – it insulates from the cold ground at night and is essential. The bivvy bag acts as a barrier from dew that can form underneath at night while sleeping.
  •      Waterproof footwear is essential – Hiking boots or wellingtons are preferred as they keep both feet and clothes dry in mud and wet grass. Runners alone aren’t adequate if it’s wet.
  •      Waterproof coat, leggings , hat, gloves
  •      Towel & toiletries.
  •      Torch (with fresh batteries)
  •      Bowl, Plate & Mug (Enamel or Plastic) (LABELLED)
  •      Knife, Fork & Spoon. (LABELLED)
  •      Water bottle. (LABELLED)
  •      Two tea towels per cubs. Old ones preferably- probably a one way trip.
  •      Suncream
  •      Swimwear & wetsuit and/or lifejacket. Old shoes or booties for the water.
  •      Pyjamas – as warm as you have.  Onezies NOT recommended. If you have some thermal from a ski trip or can borrow some – all the better. Scouts should not sleep in their day clothes.
  •      Medication – e.g. asthma inhalers.  Please advise leaders, in writing, of any medication being brought.
  •      CAMP CHAIR
  •      ‘Nautical’ Themed Fancy Dress outfit for fancy dress party – lots of prizes for best effort!
  •      Label all items with your Cubs name & troop name
  •      Your Cubs must be able to carry all their kit and have hands free at the same time.
  •      Flints or pen knifes of any description are not allowed for Cubs.

Remember to pack sets of  clothes in plastic bags, inside your rucksack so that wet clothes can be put away and won’t ruin the rest of your gear.

PLEASE don’t pack for your Cub – it really helps on camp when they know what they have and where it’s packed.