Venue: Northover hall, Harbour Road, Dalkey.

Time: Fridays: 6.30-7.45

Age group: 9yrs-11yrs.

All about us:

We are sea cubs, and therefore many of our activities are based around water, although we also do many land activities.

In our Cub Scout section we have Sixes. Sixes are a small group of cubs, normally comprising of 6 /8 cubs. One member of each group is the team leader and is called a Sixer there is also an assistant leader called a Seconder.The idea of these smaller groups is to give the cubs a chance to organise activities, share responsibilities, and carry out and review activities. The role of the Cub leader is to support and guide the cubs, to listen to their ideas and suggest ways to carry out activities.

The One Programme:

There is a new programme for scouting called The One Programme.This programme really provides the opportunity for our cubs to take on ownership their cub pack. They have new responsibilities e.g. choosing the types of hikes/ camps we go on. Organising meals and cooking on camp, choosing the types of games we play in our den.

Here is a list of some of our activities and outings of recent times:

  • Killiney hill treasure hunt, firewood gathering for camp, learning to build a shoe rack from wood gathered in forest.
  • A two-night camp in Lough Allen adventure centre in Co. Leitrim.
  • A walk from den to Killiney beach followed by a moonlight barbeque on the beach.
  • A hike to a Deer Rut Watch in Glendalough.
  • A visit from the DSPCA from one of their Volunteers and a rescued dog, the cubs brought along some their pocket money, which we donated, to the DSPCA.
  • Cub bag pack fundraiser for our troop and the RNLI in Euro Spar, Dalkey.
  • Following a visit from a volunteer from the Simon community the cubs organised a sale which took place on Dalkey main street selling Crafts i.e. Yule logs, reindeer food, eco friendly fire lighters, holly bunches and cakes and cookies all of witch the cubs had made or sourced themselves. They raised €413.03  for the Simon Community.

The Cub Scout Law


Cub scouts are friendly; They always say hello, please and thank you!

Cub Scouts are kind; They work hard and help their family and friends.

Cub scouts are honest; They always tell the truth.

Cub scouts can be trusted; They always keep their word.

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