Venue: Northover hall, Harbour Road, Dalkey.

Time: Mondays: 6PM– 7PM

Age group: 6yrs-9yrs.

The Beavers  have great fun learning new games and skills which can then progress onto The Beaver Scouts award scheme which has 4 main awards:

  • Investiture
  • Bree (Year 1)
  • Ruairc (Year 2)
  • Conn (Year 3)

Beavers complete the awards by gaining SPICES points and marking off their progress on a special map.

In addition to the stage awards Beavers can also earn:

  • Adventure Skills – 9 skills with 9 competency levels
  • Special Badges – recognizing your individual hobbies/interests
  • Chief Scout Award for Beavers- Completed in the last six months in Beavers

Click Here to see some pictures of our beavers in action !

Beaver Section Leader